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The most exciting aspect of any hobby for me are the TOOLS!  Yup, the little gadget thingys that make you look like you know what you’re doing. So, I would like to show you my cross stitching tools.  I may have forgotten posting some not so used items which I’ll just update as found.  These […]



Old flames never die, so they say.  In my case, the cross stitching fire rekindled in me when I saw on the rack of Dreams Yarnshoppe at Glorietta 5 this beautiful pattern by DMC.  The design was adapted from Manuel Baldemor’s painting, Good Harvest. 

What I love about this design first and foremost is the theme of bountiful harvest.  The people figures with blank faces make them relatable and gives way to the focus which is the harvest.  The colors are vibrant and punchy.  The combination of bold and geometric scheme on colors make the images jump out of the fabric.  Yet despite this audacious treatment of colors, the Filipiniana theme is not lost. 

All of that said, I found myself at the counter of said yarn shop clutching the pattern and several threads hoping that my darling hubby won’t disagree with this craft.  And fortunately, he agreed or should I say relented?



Here’s my latest work in progress…



I hope to finish this by December 2015 in time for Mr. Baldemor’s return to Manila from Canada so I can get his signature to grace the lower right of my canvas, recognizing that my work is an authentic reproduction of his painting albeit in cross stitch.

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Every gal be it the beauty conscious or the plain curious would be interested in beauty stuff somehow.  So here I go again, curiosity biting me when I saw this beauty gadget for cleaning the face.  Its a gadget that tickles the techie side of me and for beauty, a combination that’s a no brainer […]

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So, during the unexpected break of no school due to weather and holidays last week, I had time to reconsider my skincare regimen.  Looking at my current spread makes me wonder…are they still working for me? I’ve been with Clinique for more than a decade and have stockpiled on some fave items but I’m not […]

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I just recently discovered rosehip oil and was on the hunt for the best preparation that I can readily buy here in the Philippines.   I was thinking, what’s the sense in getting hooked on a product but will have much angst sourcing your next bottle.   So I had about 3 brands in mind and settled […]

Girl with Hedgehog

A girl with a hedgehog. This seems to be a painting commissioned by me. A girl with a thick cascade of thin frizzy hair with a hedgehog in the crook of her arm, all envisioned following the mystique of the famous Mona Lisa.

This lovely painting was done by Fatima Ronquillo and with her gracious permission is now the background art for my blog. I feel honored. Ms. Ronquillo is a self-taught artist, pure talent through and through. She is a Filipina whose art is now reknowned in the USA and is another addition to our Filipino pride. Visit her blog here at WordPress ( and say “Mabuhay ka!” She’ll understand.

Mme. C sees purple


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-200 VR, ISO 16000, handheld, no PP.


My office shelf


I received a wonderful surprise today from the mail all the way from a land known as Hungary to most but known to me as a place where a thoughtful friend of mine resides.  To me she is warmly known as Bogi, a mom just like myself, an artist in her own right, a creative writer of sorts, and most of all a friend who remembers. 

Madame C is wearing a gift from Bogi.  A purple frock crocheted by obviously loving hands.  Thank you Bogi my friend for your lovely thoughts.


Handheld shot with a cranked up ISO. Details are there with nice bokeh.  No fill flash.  Autofocus was searching for that sweet spot and I have to move about and distance myself.  Manual focus doesn’t quite nail it.  Also, have to do the shot inconspicuouly lest someone sees me.  It will look strange to others not in the SF circle. (chuckle, chuckle)

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