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Special Order!

“My mama, Madame C will accept special requests for beaded sandals.  Requests like color of beads and accents, color of footbed and color of sole are dependent on availability of materials.  Please contact us for any special requests!  We will be answering your phone calls, texts, and emails.”

–  Zee and Gee Brambles

Please see our SHOWCASE of Special Orders page to see our creations!


Comments on: "Special Order!" (2)

  1. I’m really glad you like it! And we at Little Creations feel all the more proud that you will wear it on your birthday party!  And we hope for you to visit us again.


  2. bckawaii said:

    Got the package MADAME C……thank you so much for my pink gown and 3 elegant sandals… them so much!!!! i’m excited to wear my pink gown and sandals…”MADAME C” u r the best , creative and talented!!! Job well done!!!… more power and till our next transaction!!! =]

    thank you for the bday kawaii & elegant!

    Cassandra Macavity (=^_^=)

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