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The real Madame C said:

I am the designated chauffeur for my two middle grade school boys. When I picked them up from school around 1:00 p.m. today, they had a bittersweet surprise for me. They will have a U.N. Day celebration at school tomorrow and they need to come in costumes representing specific countries. My eldest can choose any country and he chose to be a 16th-century English nobleman. We already have the costume at home and looks like this…


My youngest can only choose from Arab countries or North American countries. We thought of the American cowboy and I started calling all nearby SM Department stores, National bookstore, and other shops that may carry costumes. Alas, all are out of stock.

So, ever the good supermom, I decided to create a cowboy costume for him. I bought from Shopwise Sucat a two-tone brown cow-like spotted knit shawl (Php195.00) with fringes on both ends, a dark brown cowboy hat (Php200.00), and a police set with pistols and badge (Php125.00). The other materials I already have in the house. After 2 hours, here’s what I made…


I used the shawl to make chaps. I was thinking of a leatherette material but none were available with the color I want. The fringes I got from the shawl and used it to drop from the sides of the chaps. Here’s the finished product.


The red bandana/scarf I got with my Perry Ellis perfume (manymany years ago), the flesh camiso chino from the recent Buwan ng Wika, and the studded vest from a thrift store.


If not for love, I wouldn’t have finished this under time pressure. I saved some brown cloth in case I get inspired making Sylvanian cowboy outfits.

Just sharing the creative process but I won’t be accepting any orders for human-size outfits anytime soon. I’m sticking with Sylvanians.


Comments on: "A Cowboy in the Rough" (2)

  1. Kittymama said:

    Those are the coolest pair of chaps I’ve seen! Yeehaw! Great job, Madame C!

    P.S. Z and G look so cute in their costumes! You ought to make matching Sylvanian sized outfits for their hedgehog counterparts.

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