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Every gal be it the beauty conscious or the plain curious would be interested in beauty stuff somehow.  So here I go again, curiosity biting me when I saw this beauty gadget for cleaning the face.  Its a gadget that tickles the techie side of me and for beauty, a combination that’s a no brainer for me.


Clarisonic Mia 2 Limted Edition Surf design

So I read a ton of reviews and watched more youtube videos than I can handle before I took the plunge.  Currently, there are no official distributor here in the Philippines but there’s and for the brave souls.  Or you may order direct from Clarisonic or at for peace of mind then just reserve your angst while waiting for your package to arrive.

I went the local online route which is buying from and I received the real deal and in the color and print I love – the Clarisonic Mia 2 in Limited Edition Surf.

So what is the hoolabaloo all about?   The Clarisonic system is a skin cleansing system that more thoroughly removes impurities trapped in pores so your skin care products will be better absorbed by your skin.  Okay, honestly I don’t have beautiful skin and add to that adult onset acne which my dermatologist said is caused by hormonal changes due to my age.  Yeah right, I’m a 39 year old with an adolescent skin problem.  It all started with one or two pimples on the cheeks then the darkened scar that takes forever to lighten up is the culprit which makes my skin look just nasty dirty.


Okay so here comes Clarisonic which right away I used twice a day.  I like that I have a choice of the cleanser I can use with it.  So far I dont have the perfect cleanser yet so to speak.  I just use whatever I have for the moment which is Clinique liquid soap, Burts Bees Sensitive Skin cleanser, Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap, or Mommy Patch goats milk soap.  Liquid and bar soaps are great, thick cream cleansers I’m not too happy sbout.


I only use a 1 minute cycle with 10 seconds on my chin, 20 seconds at the nose area, 10 seconds on my forehead, and 10 seconds for each cheek.  If I wore make up that day, I remove it first before using the Clarisonic just to be sure I take all the gunk out.  But I rarely use make up.  Make up for me is putting on a tinted sunblock then pressed powder and some lip cheek tint.  I don’t have the skill to paint my face thats why I go for the natural look.

What I like about the Clarisonic Mia 2:
1.  Very easy to use.  1 complete charge can give me half a month of use for 2x daily cleansing.
2.  The beepy reminders is convenient for letting me know more or less how much time I have left in the alloted minute.   I don’t want to overdo cleaning my skin so I like that it has a timer as opposed to the first Mia.
3.  I like that its water tight so I can use it under the shower without fear of zapping myself.
4.  Great that it has various brush heads to choose from depending on your skin condition.  I am currently using the sensitive brush that came with the unit but will try the delicate brush next.
5.  Wonderful that I bought the Limited Edition Surf design beacause it came in my favorite bluegreen color.  Actually, I could have gotten a light pink or an emerald green for a much lower price of about less than Php 2000 but I told myself if I will be using this for like forever then it should be in a color I would love handling on a daily basis.  It’s a costly decision but a dark emerald green I think would be an oddity in my hands.
6.  It conveniently reminds you that its losing power by buzzing slightly just after your 1 minute cycle ends. As if to remind you something is amiss.  When it happened the first time, I thought it was breaking down on me.  Oh no, my uber expensive gadget dying before I reached its maximum value.  Then I realized hmm, it’s telling me something, oh I need to charge it. Ladeedah!  I was joyful again.
7.  The gadget is solidly built. The plastic feels sturdy and the brush head attachments look ready for long term use.
8.  It has a plastic case perfectly shaped to hold it for those traveling moments.



What I’m not so keen about it:
1.  The PRICE!!! Aaaargh!  My mind labored for a week finding the best deal and if I do need this in my life.  I knew my answer was yes since the first time I set sights on it at the net but then again Php 8000.00 you don’t stumble upon everyday.
2.  The rounded design is easy to hold and looks nice but try putting it on your sink and it will roll on the brush side which is not too great.  Maybe they can come up with a way that it will stay upright amd not roll like crazy all over.


Do I recommend this?  Well, yeah!  (I initially wrote H over W but thought otherwise, censoring myself)  My skin feels smoother, looks cleaner and radiant.  I just had 2 pimples after I started using it but it died away instantly without scars and without dermatologist interference.  I felt my skin drinking the skin care stuff I put on it making it more effective.  And I think the reason I don’t breakout anymore is because my pores are clean and breathing well without any impurities clogging it.

If you have perfect skin and just want to get this out of curiosity and because you have extra moolah to spare, then don’t.  You don’t really need it.  But for the rest of us who are in one way or another are unhappy with their current skin condition then by all means, don’t think twice anymore.  Your skin will be thankful for it.  Mine did!


Comments on: "CLARISONIC: The kind of clean that changed my skin" (3)

  1. Rina inocencio said:

    Hi. Can you please give the details of the where you bought this. I plan to buy one also but want to make sure it the real deal. Thanks.

    • Hi Rina! My reply is uber late I know it’s useless but still here goes my response. I can’t find the seller anymore but if you still want to purchase one, try GMET TRADING on Facebook. I use them to buy online stuff and so far they haven’t failed me.

      Again so sorry for the delay. Maybe my notifications are off. Should tinker with the settings now.

  2. I love my Clarisonic as well! I wrote a big ole review on my blog as well. It was 107 us dollars but totally worth it.

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