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Old flames never die, so they say.  In my case, the cross stitching fire rekindled in me when I saw on the rack of Dreams Yarnshoppe at Glorietta 5 this beautiful pattern by DMC.  The design was adapted from Manuel Baldemor’s painting, Good Harvest. 

What I love about this design first and foremost is the theme of bountiful harvest.  The people figures with blank faces make them relatable and gives way to the focus which is the harvest.  The colors are vibrant and punchy.  The combination of bold and geometric scheme on colors make the images jump out of the fabric.  Yet despite this audacious treatment of colors, the Filipiniana theme is not lost. 

All of that said, I found myself at the counter of said yarn shop clutching the pattern and several threads hoping that my darling hubby won’t disagree with this craft.  And fortunately, he agreed or should I say relented?



Here’s my latest work in progress…



I hope to finish this by December 2015 in time for Mr. Baldemor’s return to Manila from Canada so I can get his signature to grace the lower right of my canvas, recognizing that my work is an authentic reproduction of his painting albeit in cross stitch.


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