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Mme. C sees purple


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-200 VR, ISO 16000, handheld, no PP.


My office shelf


I received a wonderful surprise today from the mail all the way from a land known as Hungary to most but known to me as a place where a thoughtful friend of mine resides.  To me she is warmly known as Bogi, a mom just like myself, an artist in her own right, a creative writer of sorts, and most of all a friend who remembers. 

Madame C is wearing a gift from Bogi.  A purple frock crocheted by obviously loving hands.  Thank you Bogi my friend for your lovely thoughts.


Handheld shot with a cranked up ISO. Details are there with nice bokeh.  No fill flash.  Autofocus was searching for that sweet spot and I have to move about and distance myself.  Manual focus doesn’t quite nail it.  Also, have to do the shot inconspicuouly lest someone sees me.  It will look strange to others not in the SF circle. (chuckle, chuckle)


Just updating with photos

It has been a while seen I last posted. I have been busy selling Sylvanian Families items via my Facebook page Little Creations.

For your viewing pleasure, I will post photos I took from the Sylvanian Families exhibit inside Toy Kingdom, Megamall Pasig City, Metro Manila. Madame C enjoyed her romp last December 2011.














Miss Vilma Periwinkle Rabbit accepts a job at Claytonia Crafts


Miss Vilma Periwinkle Rabbit is a much loved aunt by her niece Rebecca, nephew Oliver and sister Kate. Oh, and her brother-in-law Alex thinks she’s a determined and kind lady.

About two days ago, she received a surprising offer she could not resist. Claytonia Crafts, a booming clay factory at Bayanan, Muntinlupa needed a consultant for their new range of products for Sylvanians. Her job is to make sure their products meet the discerning standards of Sylvanian folks. If she is to accept, she needs to move to a housing facility of Claytonia and will be away from her beloved family for the first time in so many years.

Ms. Vilma, after much thought decided she was ready for the challenge and happily accepted the offer. When she broke the news to her favorite niece and nephew, they bawled over but after Mama Kate explained that Aunt Vilma will be working at an exciting factory full of so many possible creations of toys, food products, and technological stuff, the raucous died down and were replaced with giggles and longing for future presents.


But still, the parting was not easy. Even Baby Periwinkle wiggled his way to Aunt Vilma for more hugs and kisses before she goes. Alex carried her luggage and waited for the Woodland Bus to arrive.



“Bye Auntie! Don’t forget to call us everyday. I want to know if their clay is more colorful than my molding clays,” reminded Rebecca.

“Auntie, check if that factory is where Santa gets his loot!” shouted Oliver.


“Yes dears! Auntie will text and call you regularly. Be good kids and help out your mom with the chores. Remember I won’t be around anymore to clean-up your toys. I love you all!” cried out Aunt Vilma.


And so begins a new chapter in the life of Ms. Vilma Periwinkle.



Thank you for dropping by but we regret to inform you that Madame C is not accepting any orders for the moment. Please feel free to browse our Sylvanian photos for your enjoyment.

Php 85.00. 1 pair Adult and Sister/Brother beaded sandals any style
Php 45.00 1 pair Baby beaded sandals any style
For clothes, please email us for price


We require payment before we send item for shipping.
We accept bank deposit through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) or Banco de Oro (BDO) only, and Globe GCash.

We ship via MC Express within Metro Manila and they use LBC for provincial locations with shipping costs listed below (in Philippine pesos). We combine shipping for several items.

60.00 Metro Manila
80.00 Luzon
90.00 Visayas
100.00 Mindanao

MEET-UPS MAY BE ARRANGED FOR COMBINED ITEMS Php 2,000.00 or more ONLY at Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall Alabang, and SM City Bicutan. Sorry, we cannot accommodate other venues.
Check our page if you need security with your purchases.


We require payment before we send item for shipping.
We accept payment via Paypal.
We will use Philippine Post office registered airmail unless you request for other services like Fedex, DHL or UPS.

Philippine Post Office Rates:


Zone 1 – Asian Countries
Zone 2 – Pacific Countries, Middle East
Zone 3 – European Countries, North America and U.S. Possessions
Zone 4 – Africa, Central South America, Carribean


Please contact me for availability of item as we also sell at other venues.
We will send your tracking number and photo of your parcel and other postal documents before we send it for shipping.

For your peace of mind that you will positively receive your purchases, you may order via our online selling option at and be protected with your purchase. ID is: whenthebugbites

or you may search by typing Sandals for Sylvanian Family characters

Thank you for shopping at Little Creations!

by Madame C
Little Creations
0917-8216609, 02-3463811

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. ☎Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Little Creations is already at Facebook! To visit us there, just click here
Little Creations at Facebook

See you there! And don’t forget to click LIKE if you love what you see.

I Scream for Halloween!

Halloween is a fun time not only for regular kids but also for our small Sylvanian friends.

October 25, 2011 (Tuesday)
We find Father Cedric Walnut Squirrel tagging along Ambrose Baby Squirrel at Cafe Bene, a newly opened Coffee shop inside San Beda College Alabang in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila. Ambrose is sure he will have yummy treats from this cafe. Maybe cookies from the pastries counter. Hmmm, yum!


October 30, 2011 (Sunday 4:00 p.m.)
Madame C accompanied the adventurous Baby Ambrose at the Powerplant Mall for another round of trick and treating. Ambrose came as “The Pumpkin” and Madame C as “The Hair”.


The Toys R Us staff wearing a witch costume carried Madame C while Ambrose is carried off by a giant pumpkin person while a Bat guy looks from behind.


October 30, 2011 (Sunday 6:00 p.m.)
Madame C hurried to a one night only concert of Jason Mraz in Manila. She was such in a hurry that changing clothes was not an option.



October 31, 2011 (Monday 4:00 p.m.)
Preparing for a Nickelodeon sponsored Planet Scream event at Mall of Asia. The theme is Alien and Space Adventure and Madame C comes as a space princess with black gown and silver shiny lace bodice. For a change, the hair is swept back by a headband to show her lovely smile.


A scary cowboy carries Madame C and Oscar Buckley to the event.


Who said only big kids can have fun. Our mini friends had a Halloween blast this 2011!

Madame C’s Southeast Asia LEGO tour

Madame C said:

“I love to go on trips and yesterday I went to Alabang Town Center (ATC) at Madrigal Business Park, Muntinlupa Metro Manila. I went directly to Corte de Las Palmas wing of ATC to visit my Lego pals and their colorful creations.


I have never gone to China but here I had a feel of China’s famous Great Wall


and the Tiananmen Square


Next stop was the Tokyo Tower Japan


My pleasant surprise yesterday was to see various Philippine scenic spots all done by my Lego friends. It’s a surprise because I always see foreign themed sceneries and this is just Proudly Pinoy!



My best spot of all! On the strong hands of my artistic friend.



A wonderful trip, don’t you think?



Madame C is Proud of Her Beads Collection

Madame C said:

“Although I think I am more known to my fellow Sylvanville folks as a fashion designer for bespoke clothing, I still see myself more as a footwear designer and love making sandals. I always think accessories is the spirit of an ensemble and it will be incomplete without them.”

Real Madame C said:

“When I’m out and around the metro, I always step inside quaint shops, curio shops, craftstores, and sewing stores. I love looking at items that will be appropriate for Sylvanians. I get insipration while I ogle at beads and laces. I feel like a little kid at a candy store. My fingers involuntarily clicks LIKE to all the goodies.”


To organize the beads I have amassed through all those visits, I put them in small uniform containers and group them by color. This way it will be easier to work with. Sometimes, the organizing is more exciting for me when I see them all neatly packed away looking like colorful gems ready to grace some fortunate dainty Sylvanian feet.


The beads you see here are all different from each other. Each container holds beads unique in color, size, design, shape, or material used. Currently, I have more than 120 different beads and all of them specifically sized for Sylvanian feet.


My favorite are the Spanish beads that looks like corals which I used for the “Tango beaded sandals”. I also love the U.S. glass beads I use for baby sandals. These beads are the smallest of all and demands the most patience to work with. And since they’re pricey, I can’t afford to have butter fingers.


I love the bluegreens. It reminds me of the the sea meeting the sky on a perfect scuba diving day out in the open sea. That was my hobby when I was still a Mademoiselle C.


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