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C is for Crimson


The Crimson Hotel, Alabang Muntinlupa. Canon Powershot G11, A mode.


On my way to fetch my son at Alabang, I exit the South Toll booth of the South Luzon Expressway and followed the road turning left.  This road brings me towards a building filling up the front of my windshield everyday with its linear glory.


I see this building everyday, twice a day but today it looked so happy lighted up from its side by a sunny 3:30 pm sun with a backdrop of cerulean skies interspersed with tufts of white clouds.  I just can’t help but stop and admire.


I stayed inside my car at the driver’s seat, pulled my window down and took my shots from there.  If possible I wanted to take 2-3 steps to the left to remove from my sight the leaning street post on the right but I may become tonight’s pedestrian accident news.  Nah, not worth the risk.


As I was finishing my shots and preparing to drive on to motherhood and daily rituals, a sedan stopped in front of my vehicle with hazard lights flashing. A black vest with red tie driver stepped out and signaled for me to stop as a lady in dark coat and skirt approached me with a brochure in hand saying they noticed I was taking photos of their hotel and inviting me to visit them to see the interiors.  I get it! They thought I was a security risk.  I politely told them I was into this photography hobby and was just admiring their building.  I have been passing by this road for years and never knew it was a hotel. Now I’m properly informed.  On hindsight, I appreciate their efficiency and high security measures and I should have offered a more thorough explanation for my seemingly bizarre action.  I should be prepared for future incidents like this with a ready answer. Lesson learned!


Madame C meets in person her first ever client

My Little Creations business is purely an online business venture. I post my products on the web, get orders via email or texts/SMS and deliver the orders via courier. Twenty-first century technology has allowed me this but the downside is, I never get to meet clients in person.

So it was a nice surprise when an opportunity came forward for me to meet Analyn, my first Little Creations client who first bought sandals from me using Ebay. I started this biz with just sandals in mind but when she requested for dresses, I was challenged and eventually found my niche.

She lives at nearby Laguna province and we’re supposed to meet at Starbucks, Festival Mall Alabang, Metro Manila. We will do a “Swap Meet” for some Sylvanian items I am willing to part with and the same for her. Here was our hour and half together…


When I went in at Starbucks, I noticed her right away. Why, you ask? She has this wonderful set-up on her table. It was a happy sight to see. Cream Cat mother as Analyn and Red Deer mother as our common friend, Pinky. They started their little picnic with Baby Cream Cat tinkling on his piano where everyone seems to be having a good time.

This is Analyn and I love her vintage pieces she found by rummaging through various stores in the Metro. She started collecting Hello Kitty but now has branched into Sylvanians and is hooked.


These are what I got from her. A fantastic display case perfect to showcase my beaded sandals collection, an electric hair dryer (brand new in box) to help Madame C dry her hair quickly in the morning, and two Re-Ment pastries perfect for tea and mini celebrations. And a small two-level Cottage House. The small items we traded, the house I sold.


And these are her picks from mine. Blue Accessories set, three pairs of Baby beaded sandals color red, black, and fuschia pink. And a pair of beaded sandals for mother in her fave color fuschia pink.


We talked about everything Sylvanian and hoped that we could meet more SF collectors especially now that we have the community page of Pinky – the PH❤Sylvanian Familes at Facebook.

As our time draws to a close, my new friend presented me with presents. Lovely presents fitting for a dressmaker. A book on Needlework and Wrapping, book and magazine on Handicrafts, a set of crafts materials, fabric with handsewn stitches, and a mannequin to hold my creations.


Not only that, she gave me two sets of DIY craft projects because she knows how I like creating with my hands. Awww! Isn’t that sweet?!


Here’s a closer look of her thoughtful gifts for me. I especially like the bottle of wine as I really do drink red wine to help me wind down at the end of the day. Doctor’s order! Swear, pinky finger’s honor!


As a token of our meeting, I gave her a Grandmother Dress set in lilac.


We parted with promising that this won’t be the last time we’ll see each other and next time it won’t be just the two of us.


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