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Who’s that girl?

The brainchild of this web log is an unassuming femme of 37 described by her two boisterous sons as a happy and loving mom. She runs a small auto repair shop business in her neighborhood, chauffeur for her kids in between, and full-time daydreamer and conjurer of fantastical musings. Oh, and she insists I write that she adores her hobby, oops I mean hubby. By the way, did I forget to say her name is Caryl Gonzales?

Caryl says:

” Why did I choose the hedgehog as the main character for my Little Creations business? Well the hedgehog is a hard to find family here in Manila and it’s dear to me because I feel we have the same hair style. I have big bouffant curly frizzy hair when left to its own accord and I like how the hedgehog carry its hair with confidence.”


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