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Vintage clothes for my tech toy

I eventually gave in to this Apple Ipad 2 mania after having slow connection problems with my Galaxy Tab. I felt all the raves for the IPad are just well, raves. But after working with it for 24 hours, I am a convert.

I’m an iPhone 4 user having upgraded from an iPhone 3G. I initially thought the iPad is just a bigger iPhone so I bought the Tab instead and I was thoroughly disappointed. So yesterday I got myself an Ipad 2 wifi only color black 16GB. The most basic of all the variants. Actually I was torn between the two colors but well my boys were pining for the black and I was outnumbered.

Now the next step after buying an expensive gadget is of course the case or in myspeak, clothes for tech toys. I always like my cases to stand out like my iPhone 4 which sports a silicone cover that makes it look like a digital camera. I got it at Siam Paragon, Bangkok and love it so much. Now I wanted to go the unique path again with my IPad 2 cover and I found this.

This is the Bookbook for Ipad 2 by Twelve South. It costs $69.99 and stands out from the rest of the blacks and neutral modern-looking cases in the market. On the outside it looks like an old, well-read, hardbound book found at antique shops. The cover is of faux distressed leather with leather strips on the spine. Closure is a double zip where the zipper pull looks like a leather bookmark. The inside is of a plush microfiber material that won’t scratch your gadget.

To help prop up your IPad 2 while viewing movies, it has a string that will anchor the case in a V-position. A how to guide is offered at the company’s website.

On the spine the book title says BookBook and the author is T. South.

1. Unique style as a vintage hardbound book
2. Sturdy case to protect your Ipad 2
3. A deterrent from possible thieves who won’t think that this old book has an expensive gadget inside

1. Adds a bit of weight to the Ipad2 but not too much. Will try to weigh it when I get an accurate scale.
2. The zipper doesn’t zip around smoothly but I hope it will after some usage.
3. Using it in landscape mode with anchoring the string is a chore. If used frequently, all those switching may cause something to snap after a while.

In conclusion, the aesthetics outweigh the function for the moment. I love reading and that old school feel of holding a vintage book is just a winner for me, even if in reality I’m actually busy bagging that expert score at Diner Dash.


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