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Midnight in Paris at 6:00 in the morning



I have to prepare breakfast of french toast, cheese and sausage omelette, coffee and fresh fruits for my darling hubby who is off early for his weekly dose of hobby.  After he left, I was by my lonesome self which I embrace.  Instead of opening the Sunday papers, I opted to watch this movie I downloaded months back.  Midnight in Paris, the movie’s title was the sole reason I bought the film.  Having Owen Wilson as the lead actor was an added bonus.  You know, that hippie guy from “Meet the Fockers” and partner of Jackie Chan in “Shanghai Nights”.  Anyway, I love the laid back, molasses slur talk and natural bedhead mess of a hair of this guy so I chose him to be my breakfast buddy today.

I  will not attempt to give a critique whatsoever of the film as I am not an authority of such.  I can tell you this though, that I thoroughly get what Gil (character of Owen Wilson) felt.  The crossroads in his life, the mental anguish and drama, the weight of his present and appeal of his nostalgia.  I also find myself in such musings – of times past, of another life lived.  The present can be so full and weigh me down that I look back to the time I was just myself.  That I can pack my bags full and drive and drive into the sunset.  I have done this and felt free.  I pause at towns I fancy, walk the markets, sample the delicacies and connect with the locals.  I thought then that I blend with them but looking back now, I see I was like a sore thumb sticking out of the picture.  I was young, naive, an empty sponge absorbing life, like a child needing to touch and feel everything to find it is real.

What the movie tells me loud and clear is that my present is very real and can be what I need it to be.  I can look back at the past and give me insights but I cannot live there.  I should put my shoes here and now and see the beauty of what I have.  It may not be like what I had before but it is there.  I just wasn’t looking.  Maybe I am you too.  No sense living the present halfway.   



Whew!  What a way to start my Sunday.  Have a good one yourself!  I raise you my coffee mug…cheers!


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