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Miss Vilma Periwinkle Rabbit accepts a job at Claytonia Crafts


Miss Vilma Periwinkle Rabbit is a much loved aunt by her niece Rebecca, nephew Oliver and sister Kate. Oh, and her brother-in-law Alex thinks she’s a determined and kind lady.

About two days ago, she received a surprising offer she could not resist. Claytonia Crafts, a booming clay factory at Bayanan, Muntinlupa needed a consultant for their new range of products for Sylvanians. Her job is to make sure their products meet the discerning standards of Sylvanian folks. If she is to accept, she needs to move to a housing facility of Claytonia and will be away from her beloved family for the first time in so many years.

Ms. Vilma, after much thought decided she was ready for the challenge and happily accepted the offer. When she broke the news to her favorite niece and nephew, they bawled over but after Mama Kate explained that Aunt Vilma will be working at an exciting factory full of so many possible creations of toys, food products, and technological stuff, the raucous died down and were replaced with giggles and longing for future presents.


But still, the parting was not easy. Even Baby Periwinkle wiggled his way to Aunt Vilma for more hugs and kisses before she goes. Alex carried her luggage and waited for the Woodland Bus to arrive.



“Bye Auntie! Don’t forget to call us everyday. I want to know if their clay is more colorful than my molding clays,” reminded Rebecca.

“Auntie, check if that factory is where Santa gets his loot!” shouted Oliver.


“Yes dears! Auntie will text and call you regularly. Be good kids and help out your mom with the chores. Remember I won’t be around anymore to clean-up your toys. I love you all!” cried out Aunt Vilma.


And so begins a new chapter in the life of Ms. Vilma Periwinkle.


Analyn’s LBD and Yellow cocktail gown

Analyn’s beloved Cassandra with her taste for modern gowns requested two more additions for her already extensive and fashionable wardrobe. She found out she lacks the quintessential LBD (little black dress) and that perfect sunny yellow gown for cocktail parties.

Madame C is here to wipe those worries away.

The little black dress with a full lace skirt, satin black bodice strapped by shiny pewter crystal beads. The headband matches the pewter crystal of the straps accented with a shiny black ribbon for that coquettish appeal. A grey long clutch keeps the party touch-up essentials and on her dainty feet is a selection of a black beaded sandal or a grey version one.



The perfect easy yellow cocktail gown. The sunny yellow brightens up her look. The skirt is done with three layers of white edge-embroidered lace reminiscent of the three-sisters style dresses in the 70’s. The yellow bodice extends to the skirt as lining. The waist is crimped by a gradient yellow lace. A sparkly psychedellic yellow bag, yellow or white beaded sandals, and yellow rose are available as accessories.



Who is Madame C?

Madame C is a talented hedgehog who loves to design and sew clothes.

Madame C at work

Her husband Monsieur E is a well-loved tailor in Sylvanville.

Monsieur E, the best tailor in Sylvanville

They have two boisterous kids, Zee and Gee.

Zee, the playful brother hedgehog with his sister Gee

Madame C specializes on gowns because she loves frilly and beaded dresses. They live in a lovely rented chateau from Mademoiselle Kit where they run a modest dress shop named:

“fashion for Sylvanians”

Wedding gowns designed by Madame C

Mademoiselle Kit's family photos on the wall of house rented by Mme. C

Madame C just recently started designing and making sandals for the fashionable women of Sylvanville and it was an instant success!

Madame C and Gee at work on their new footwear business

Her new client, Mama Crystal Babblebrook exclaimed, “What gorgeous sandals! I just want to buy all the colors!” While Camryn Caramel another customer who loves to dress up her school outfits with matching sandals said, “These lovely sandals just bring that oomph to my fave dresses and my girlfriends are all excited to get their own pair! Weeeee!”

stocks of footwear ready for shipping out to customers of Sylvanville

With this new business venture, Madame C has saved enough to buy their own home where the kids will have a yard to play and a bigger boutique space for Madame C to display her sought-after sandals as well as her glamorous gowns. Here comes the movers to help the family comfortably move to their new home…the Oakwood Manor.

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you! 

A new club is born! We have our very own SF club here in the Philippines! Check us at facebook and join us!


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