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Sunrise outside my window


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-200 VR at 90mm, manual focus, handheld.


Beside my dresser cum work station at home is a window facing east.  Just outside is an old aratilles tree.


I start my mornings at 5:00 am sitting and contemplating the days worth of work noting down thoughts on my small notebook and beside this window. I take a quick bath and by the time I’m doing the usual ladies prepping,  the sky is lighted this way.  The mood is ripe for philosophical thoughts.


Opened the screen cover of the window, brought out my cam and hanged it precariously out.  To get this shot, I needed to use the flippy screen, the top most feature of the D5100 I adore.  Although my heart pined for a D7000,  the flip screen of the D5100 was the practical choice for the way I do my shots which are mostly handheld.  Plus 1 point for the  D5100 here!


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