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Mme. C sees purple


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-200 VR, ISO 16000, handheld, no PP.


My office shelf


I received a wonderful surprise today from the mail all the way from a land known as Hungary to most but known to me as a place where a thoughtful friend of mine resides.  To me she is warmly known as Bogi, a mom just like myself, an artist in her own right, a creative writer of sorts, and most of all a friend who remembers. 

Madame C is wearing a gift from Bogi.  A purple frock crocheted by obviously loving hands.  Thank you Bogi my friend for your lovely thoughts.


Handheld shot with a cranked up ISO. Details are there with nice bokeh.  No fill flash.  Autofocus was searching for that sweet spot and I have to move about and distance myself.  Manual focus doesn’t quite nail it.  Also, have to do the shot inconspicuouly lest someone sees me.  It will look strange to others not in the SF circle. (chuckle, chuckle)


Analyn’s LBD and Yellow cocktail gown

Analyn’s beloved Cassandra with her taste for modern gowns requested two more additions for her already extensive and fashionable wardrobe. She found out she lacks the quintessential LBD (little black dress) and that perfect sunny yellow gown for cocktail parties.

Madame C is here to wipe those worries away.

The little black dress with a full lace skirt, satin black bodice strapped by shiny pewter crystal beads. The headband matches the pewter crystal of the straps accented with a shiny black ribbon for that coquettish appeal. A grey long clutch keeps the party touch-up essentials and on her dainty feet is a selection of a black beaded sandal or a grey version one.



The perfect easy yellow cocktail gown. The sunny yellow brightens up her look. The skirt is done with three layers of white edge-embroidered lace reminiscent of the three-sisters style dresses in the 70’s. The yellow bodice extends to the skirt as lining. The waist is crimped by a gradient yellow lace. A sparkly psychedellic yellow bag, yellow or white beaded sandals, and yellow rose are available as accessories.



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