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My Balenciaga Love Affair

(I initially posted this at the Purse Forum and reposting it here)

I remember discovering Balenciaga last 2007 when a friend bought a Tomato City with very gorgeous leather and I was so jelly. There was no Balenciaga store yet in my country that time and I am not very confident buying from international stores and try shipping.  So I just visit the Purse Forum to have my Balenciaga fix.

My first Balenciaga was a 2004 Grey City in raised silver hardware.  I remember the leather was a bit thick but still slouchy.  I will try to find photos of it in my archives.  Pardon me as I started this thread using my ipad which doesn’t contain all my past photos.  It wasn’t a very gorgeous color, antiquey looking meaning old and I don’t get the vibe.  This bag has long been sold.



bbag grey back

Second was a 2007 Steel Part time in GGH.  It was so crackly, uber distressed, has feet but was a heavyweight!  It gave me strap marks on my shoulder as I tend to fill it with all my daily loot owing to its larger size.  This bag was also sold with half regret.  Half because although I love the leather but wasn’t a fan of the gold giant hardware and its added weight to the bag.


bbag blk frt tags

Third was a 2003 Mastic First in pewter hardware.  It was a cutie patootie and can only hold cute basic stuff.  Can’t carry my daily load so it has to go.

Here she is…




Fourth hit the sweet spot. My friend sold me her 2007 Tomato City in regular hardware.  This pretty thing was with me the longest.  I adore the leather, the scrunge, the smell, the vibe, but the color was not my perfect red.  It was a bit red orangey that was too eye popping and I was not as playful with color at that time.  I kind of regret the sale when I think of it now.


Now, I’m adding her own photo




Fifth was a 2010 Anthracite City in silver giant hardware.  This has more of green undertones and I have tons of photos of it.  I let it go as it was too green and not the Anthracite-grey I was looking for.  Also, although it was in a City style, the giant hardwares lent extra weight to my already heavy daily load.  Here are my own photos…

Sixth was a 2011 Grenadine City in RGGH.  Oh the pinkness of this color is just the right shade.  Not too bright , not too light, not too pop!  Love the rose gold hardware but when I went home and hubby saw it, he went ballistic.  But alas, it can’t be kept with reasons I am not at liberty saying in this blog.  Too many ears out there.   Here are my photos of her pink highness.


Seventh is a 2003 Blue Jean City in pewter hardware.  I never thought I can wear a light blue but I think I rock this just fine.  This pretty gal is currently with me and I did some DIY restoration on her.  Her color has lightened 1-2 shades through use but her leather is still clean and intact.  I love the smooshy leather and the old grunge look.


Eighth is a 2006 Cognac Hook GM.  Leather is thin, crinkly, flops splat when empty and color is a beauty.  But hardwares are too jingly and adds weight.  I’m keeping it as a go to big bag when I need more stuff to stuff.  Also adds variety to the usual motorcycle style although I’m missing the smiley face in front and the zippered pocket to hold my phones.


Ninth is a 2008 White Floral City in silver giant hardware. It was a surprise to me when I picked her up and carried her. I like that she’s a limited edition and as one tPFer commented that it can be an everyday bag if you live in the tropics which I am.   She was sent to LMB (Loving My Bags) for restoration of handles.  Photos here are her before shots.


Tenth is the berry on my Balenciaga love affair.  This 2009 Poupre Twiggy in regular hardware was an impulse buy but worth every peso.  It’s my first venture on the Twiggy and I love the shape.  It can hold my dailies and even my ipad which is an essential for me.  More to come, I’m sure.

I love the mysterious red color.  It’s like red but not quite.  Has purplish undertones and the best smelling leather.  Hmmm, I bury my face in it every now and then.  Of course, when nobody’s looking.



Vintage clothes for my tech toy

I eventually gave in to this Apple Ipad 2 mania after having slow connection problems with my Galaxy Tab. I felt all the raves for the IPad are just well, raves. But after working with it for 24 hours, I am a convert.

I’m an iPhone 4 user having upgraded from an iPhone 3G. I initially thought the iPad is just a bigger iPhone so I bought the Tab instead and I was thoroughly disappointed. So yesterday I got myself an Ipad 2 wifi only color black 16GB. The most basic of all the variants. Actually I was torn between the two colors but well my boys were pining for the black and I was outnumbered.

Now the next step after buying an expensive gadget is of course the case or in myspeak, clothes for tech toys. I always like my cases to stand out like my iPhone 4 which sports a silicone cover that makes it look like a digital camera. I got it at Siam Paragon, Bangkok and love it so much. Now I wanted to go the unique path again with my IPad 2 cover and I found this.

This is the Bookbook for Ipad 2 by Twelve South. It costs $69.99 and stands out from the rest of the blacks and neutral modern-looking cases in the market. On the outside it looks like an old, well-read, hardbound book found at antique shops. The cover is of faux distressed leather with leather strips on the spine. Closure is a double zip where the zipper pull looks like a leather bookmark. The inside is of a plush microfiber material that won’t scratch your gadget.

To help prop up your IPad 2 while viewing movies, it has a string that will anchor the case in a V-position. A how to guide is offered at the company’s website.

On the spine the book title says BookBook and the author is T. South.

1. Unique style as a vintage hardbound book
2. Sturdy case to protect your Ipad 2
3. A deterrent from possible thieves who won’t think that this old book has an expensive gadget inside

1. Adds a bit of weight to the Ipad2 but not too much. Will try to weigh it when I get an accurate scale.
2. The zipper doesn’t zip around smoothly but I hope it will after some usage.
3. Using it in landscape mode with anchoring the string is a chore. If used frequently, all those switching may cause something to snap after a while.

In conclusion, the aesthetics outweigh the function for the moment. I love reading and that old school feel of holding a vintage book is just a winner for me, even if in reality I’m actually busy bagging that expert score at Diner Dash.

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