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A Simplified Life with Samsung Galaxy Note II


I jumped off the bandwagon and leaped into an unknown for me last October 6. I’m talking about how I eventually plunged into buying the very new Samsung Galaxy Note II after convincing myself that it will make my life lighter.

I have been carrying bricks in my bag for a year and it has to stop. Just by sheer collective weight of all gadgets inside my bag can send any hapless soul to dreamland when whacked with it. What’s inside my bag you ask? Well, I have my Blackberry 9360 for all those business calls, my Iphone 4 as my personal phone, the badly needed Ipad 2 for those long typing spells outside the office, my personalized LV small agenda as my daily diary, and the usual beautification knick knacks of a damsel. And not to forget the Jabra bluetooth, and the MIPOW Power Tube in case I need extra juice to power all my istuff. Oh woe is me! Such a burden to be a modern woman these days.

Well, not anymore. I promised to go lighter once for all for my shoulder’s sake, my bag’s sake and my sanity. I have to edit these 4 major gadgets I lug around all day. The Blackberry 9360 I think I should keep because I make a ton of calls and texts with it. I love the feel of the QWERTY keyboard and the fast response. The other features, I really don’t care because I have my iphone 4 to cover the other apps, camera and video and MMS messaging. I tote the Ipad with me as everything is too teeny-weeny on the iphone for browsing, emailing and documents. Then as a business person its imperative that I have a notebook/diary to jot down concerns for the day, make simple estimates and I always have a pad of Post-its for those note emergencies. Yes, I’m a closet OC!


What gadget should I remove and still make life workable? I think I need a small tablet where I can have a functional stylus for it to be a notebook, it has a big enough screen to serve my browsing and documents editing. And of course it has to have phone and data functions. This is where I eventually decided on a Samsung Galaxy Note II. It will hopefully replace 3 items – the Iphone, the Ipad and my beloved LV agenda. I got one 20 days ago and so far I am slowly migrating all my data. I planned to make a review after about 2 days of use, but I enjoyed it so much It became 20 days after.

So how is the Note II? Well from a consumer point of view, I can describe it according to my needs:

The looks
The size is similar to a small notebook just like the one I have (15 x 8 cm.). Very sleek and slim, not too heavy just a substantial heft for its size. I can get a case for it to look and feel like a diary. I need it to feel like a diary as I’m a tactile person and a pen person.

Its all about the Screen
Beautiful screen! Images are so brilliant. It’s like having a high-definition palm-sized TV. I can see the textures and shadows of depths I didn’t notice before. The screen is very responsive although too smooth for my preference. I realized it’s quite difficult to write on a slippery screen so I thought a screen protector would help. I got the matte one which made writing so much better but the images has this haze which robs the brilliancy and definition. I replaced it with a super clear screen protector and its perfect.

I love the 5.5 inches screen size. Its just the right size for a tablet to be small enough that it doesn’t lose its tablet functions. And still the safe size to become a phone. I tried doing phone functions on the first generation Samsung Tab and that was ridiculous! Embarassing and impossible, gosh I don’t even want to remember that episode.

The fastest gadget I had. The quadcore processor feels like its the Energizer Bunny on Red Bull. Everything is just speedier. Even with multiple programs open, I never felt a lag.

Camera and Video
It has an 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera which I cant complain about yet. I am yet to explore this feature. I took the first photo with it so be my guest.

I need a Pen!
I love touchscreens but writing is never proper using your index finger. It just feels weird. I need a pen in my life and stylus for the iphone and ipad just doesn’t feel right. I need a stylus that feels like the ones from Palm or O2 era. The S-pen is just what I need. It has so many features you need to read other reviews to learn about it. What I can say is it feels like a proper pen although I find it too lightweight. It has this button thats supposed to give it more functions but it just gets in the way sometimes. But I’m not complaining. Its this S-Pen that made me shift to Samsung in the first place. They made it even hard to misplace it as the Note 2 reminds you if you left the room without the stylus with you. Cool eh!

So for now the ipad, iphone and agenda all came together to become this singular gadget for me which is the Samsung Galaxy Note II. I feel lighter discovering the Note 2 and highly recommend it for those who need the ultimate smartphone. Its for the techie person who needs to be connected all the time with multiple requirements in life be it Office documents, the staple emails, a Notepad, the music and video player or other fantastical needs of a modern human. Its the Jack of all Trades for the on-the-go me. Now, I’m on the hunt for its perfect case. Good luck to me!


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