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Mme. C sees purple


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-200 VR, ISO 16000, handheld, no PP.


My office shelf


I received a wonderful surprise today from the mail all the way from a land known as Hungary to most but known to me as a place where a thoughtful friend of mine resides.  To me she is warmly known as Bogi, a mom just like myself, an artist in her own right, a creative writer of sorts, and most of all a friend who remembers. 

Madame C is wearing a gift from Bogi.  A purple frock crocheted by obviously loving hands.  Thank you Bogi my friend for your lovely thoughts.


Handheld shot with a cranked up ISO. Details are there with nice bokeh.  No fill flash.  Autofocus was searching for that sweet spot and I have to move about and distance myself.  Manual focus doesn’t quite nail it.  Also, have to do the shot inconspicuouly lest someone sees me.  It will look strange to others not in the SF circle. (chuckle, chuckle)


Sunrise outside my window


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 18-200 VR at 90mm, manual focus, handheld.


Beside my dresser cum work station at home is a window facing east.  Just outside is an old aratilles tree.


I start my mornings at 5:00 am sitting and contemplating the days worth of work noting down thoughts on my small notebook and beside this window. I take a quick bath and by the time I’m doing the usual ladies prepping,  the sky is lighted this way.  The mood is ripe for philosophical thoughts.


Opened the screen cover of the window, brought out my cam and hanged it precariously out.  To get this shot, I needed to use the flippy screen, the top most feature of the D5100 I adore.  Although my heart pined for a D7000,  the flip screen of the D5100 was the practical choice for the way I do my shots which are mostly handheld.  Plus 1 point for the  D5100 here!

Blooms outside my office window


Nikon D5100 with Nikkor 55-200 VR 175mm.


Just in front of my office beside my window is a bougainvillea given by my mother.


The blooms of this bougainvillea is my focal point during eye rests after staring for a long time at the computer. It has provided me shade during summer months and showers the office fascade with pale fuschia confetti of blooms after being shaken by slight afternoon winds. I noticed that wind picks up strength starting at 2:00 in the afternoon giving us a carpet of blooms by 5:00 pm.


I positioned myself beneath the bougainvillea. I was playing with my apertures and manual focus.

B is for Boracay


White Beach, Boracay Island. Canon G11, handheld.


Boracay island equals sand and beach and playtime. Taken in front of our hotel La Carmela de Boracay, I was comfortably seated under the hotel’s canvas canopy on an early Saturday morning making sure my boys are above water.


Being a doting mom and soaking up the view of Boracay beach with a compact digicam always on the ready. The water was not as blue but I like how the low tide showed much of the sand as it gradually got lost in a creamy mixture of beach and sea and on towards the horizon accentuated with a lone sailboat coaxing the early morning crowd for a water adventure.


The sun was indecisive that morning, somewhat shy and doing peek-a-boos from behind thick clouds. Handheld my camera. Good thing my G11 has good image stabilization or else I’ll have crappy blurry photos all the time. I think Canon made it for moms.


C is for Crimson


The Crimson Hotel, Alabang Muntinlupa. Canon Powershot G11, A mode.


On my way to fetch my son at Alabang, I exit the South Toll booth of the South Luzon Expressway and followed the road turning left.  This road brings me towards a building filling up the front of my windshield everyday with its linear glory.


I see this building everyday, twice a day but today it looked so happy lighted up from its side by a sunny 3:30 pm sun with a backdrop of cerulean skies interspersed with tufts of white clouds.  I just can’t help but stop and admire.


I stayed inside my car at the driver’s seat, pulled my window down and took my shots from there.  If possible I wanted to take 2-3 steps to the left to remove from my sight the leaning street post on the right but I may become tonight’s pedestrian accident news.  Nah, not worth the risk.


As I was finishing my shots and preparing to drive on to motherhood and daily rituals, a sedan stopped in front of my vehicle with hazard lights flashing. A black vest with red tie driver stepped out and signaled for me to stop as a lady in dark coat and skirt approached me with a brochure in hand saying they noticed I was taking photos of their hotel and inviting me to visit them to see the interiors.  I get it! They thought I was a security risk.  I politely told them I was into this photography hobby and was just admiring their building.  I have been passing by this road for years and never knew it was a hotel. Now I’m properly informed.  On hindsight, I appreciate their efficiency and high security measures and I should have offered a more thorough explanation for my seemingly bizarre action.  I should be prepared for future incidents like this with a ready answer. Lesson learned!

Who is Madame C?

Madame C is a talented hedgehog who loves to design and sew clothes.

Madame C at work

Her husband Monsieur E is a well-loved tailor in Sylvanville.

Monsieur E, the best tailor in Sylvanville

They have two boisterous kids, Zee and Gee.

Zee, the playful brother hedgehog with his sister Gee

Madame C specializes on gowns because she loves frilly and beaded dresses. They live in a lovely rented chateau from Mademoiselle Kit where they run a modest dress shop named:

“fashion for Sylvanians”

Wedding gowns designed by Madame C

Mademoiselle Kit's family photos on the wall of house rented by Mme. C

Madame C just recently started designing and making sandals for the fashionable women of Sylvanville and it was an instant success!

Madame C and Gee at work on their new footwear business

Her new client, Mama Crystal Babblebrook exclaimed, “What gorgeous sandals! I just want to buy all the colors!” While Camryn Caramel another customer who loves to dress up her school outfits with matching sandals said, “These lovely sandals just bring that oomph to my fave dresses and my girlfriends are all excited to get their own pair! Weeeee!”

stocks of footwear ready for shipping out to customers of Sylvanville

With this new business venture, Madame C has saved enough to buy their own home where the kids will have a yard to play and a bigger boutique space for Madame C to display her sought-after sandals as well as her glamorous gowns. Here comes the movers to help the family comfortably move to their new home…the Oakwood Manor.

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you! 

A new club is born! We have our very own SF club here in the Philippines! Check us at facebook and join us!


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