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Madame C is Proud of Her Beads Collection

Madame C said:

“Although I think I am more known to my fellow Sylvanville folks as a fashion designer for bespoke clothing, I still see myself more as a footwear designer and love making sandals. I always think accessories is the spirit of an ensemble and it will be incomplete without them.”

Real Madame C said:

“When I’m out and around the metro, I always step inside quaint shops, curio shops, craftstores, and sewing stores. I love looking at items that will be appropriate for Sylvanians. I get insipration while I ogle at beads and laces. I feel like a little kid at a candy store. My fingers involuntarily clicks LIKE to all the goodies.”


To organize the beads I have amassed through all those visits, I put them in small uniform containers and group them by color. This way it will be easier to work with. Sometimes, the organizing is more exciting for me when I see them all neatly packed away looking like colorful gems ready to grace some fortunate dainty Sylvanian feet.


The beads you see here are all different from each other. Each container holds beads unique in color, size, design, shape, or material used. Currently, I have more than 120 different beads and all of them specifically sized for Sylvanian feet.


My favorite are the Spanish beads that looks like corals which I used for the “Tango beaded sandals”. I also love the U.S. glass beads I use for baby sandals. These beads are the smallest of all and demands the most patience to work with. And since they’re pricey, I can’t afford to have butter fingers.


I love the bluegreens. It reminds me of the the sea meeting the sky on a perfect scuba diving day out in the open sea. That was my hobby when I was still a Mademoiselle C.



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