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B is for Boracay


White Beach, Boracay Island. Canon G11, handheld.


Boracay island equals sand and beach and playtime. Taken in front of our hotel La Carmela de Boracay, I was comfortably seated under the hotel’s canvas canopy on an early Saturday morning making sure my boys are above water.


Being a doting mom and soaking up the view of Boracay beach with a compact digicam always on the ready. The water was not as blue but I like how the low tide showed much of the sand as it gradually got lost in a creamy mixture of beach and sea and on towards the horizon accentuated with a lone sailboat coaxing the early morning crowd for a water adventure.


The sun was indecisive that morning, somewhat shy and doing peek-a-boos from behind thick clouds. Handheld my camera. Good thing my G11 has good image stabilization or else I’ll have crappy blurry photos all the time. I think Canon made it for moms.


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