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Discovering Trilogy


I just recently discovered rosehip oil and was on the hunt for the best preparation that I can readily buy here in the Philippines.   I was thinking, what’s the sense in getting hooked on a product but will have much angst sourcing your next bottle.   So I had about 3 brands in mind and settled for Trilogy when I discovered that an actual physical store is selling it just a city away from my home.

So off I went to WellnessConnect at SM Southmall and was pleasantly surprised to be attended by a very eager sales assistant, Leny.  She has above average knowledge on their products which is not common with most beauty stores.  I already did some research on rosehip and of Trilogy and her information were spot on which is bonus points for WellnessConnect. I got so used to not getting proper info from SAs that I always do my own web snooping before I decide to buy a product.

I had the Certified Rosehip oil pegged in my mind as the product to buy and was told that if I buy any 2 items from Trilogy, I’ll receive a gift pack.  Oooh, I’m such a sucker for gifts and although I had no inclinations on using other facial care products of Trilogy, I gave in.  So I ended up buying 2 bottles of the Certified Rose Hip oil and got this loot for free!!!


1.  Age Proof Active Enzyme Cleansing Cream
2.  Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate
3.  Age Proof CoQ10 Booster Serum


Oh happy me!  I was a happy gal that day.  Skipping all the way home.  Well, in my mind actually.  The skipping was just in my mind ok.

–  Certified organic rosehip oil, Php 1300.00
–  WellnessConnect has a buy 1 take 1 promo with their NutraLife Fish oil 1500mg for Php 1300.00.  Sounds a good buy people!


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