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Madame C went shopping

Madame C loves to shop! Whether browsing inside a beautifully set store, clicking that WATCH or BUY IT NOW button at online stores, or rummaging through garage sales with dusty items, Madame C is ready to shop. Looking at objet d’art is just joy to her senses. Typical everyday objects but artistically made that you can sense the care and passion that went into the creation of such item tickles her fancy. And she also gets her inspiration from these shopping strolls.

Today, she passed by her favorite realtor and closed the deal on a beautiful simple two-storey building. She plans to convert this into a shoe store to better display her sandals and footwear collection. The ground floor area will serve as the boutique with fabulous displays of sandals. On the second floor will be the work station for her beloved seamstresses and stocks of materials and ready to ship items. The roofdeck will be a cozy place to have tea and cookies with her clients and friends.



Just a block from her new building, she passed by a garage sale with various must-have items. She saw a birdhouse that will go well with her garden, a schooldesk for her boys, a grandfather clock for the new store, and yarns in a basket for knitting.






What excited her most is a small vintage sewing machine that will be used as a display at her new shop. This will definitly be a nice conversation piece.




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