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My NEW Packaging from Invitation House

Since July 2011 when Little Creations was conceptualized from the comfort of my study nook, I have pondered about how it will be packaged when sent out to clients. Little Creations started with sandals where I turned matchboxes into shoeboxes. Gradually, my sewing was challenged by requests for gowns and dresses and I had a new dilemma, how to package clothes.

At first I sent out clothes like this…


I find it very bare so I thought of putting a paper background to give more interest to the dress. I scoured the aisles of bookstores and paper stores for the right image for the background. I envision something light and bright, with visual interests on the bottom of the page, a free space on top for me to put a logo/brandname, and the right size for a Sylvanian.

Lo and behold! I found this cute kiosk store inside Alabang Town Center near the activity area on the second floor beside Figaro. The store is Invitation House. They sell a myriad of colorful paper products like notepads, tags, invitations, stationery, cards, notebooks and other little knick knacks for writing. Initially, it looks like another typical cutie store selling cutie stuff. But upon looking at the prints carefully, you will see that the designs are very well thought out. There’s balance and homegenity of the designs. The images are original and you won’t see them at websites or picture galleries.

So I chose some of their notepads and had a sticker label personally made from another store. Here’s the result of this idea.




My favorite design is this yellow background with fuschia pink border on top and with grass, flowers and bugs on the bottom. It looks happy and the cuteness factor is not tacky.


And to make it more personalized and professional looking, I requested from Invitation House to print my label on the top. The order was a minimum of 3 pads and took a week. The result is fantastic!


Lovely! I love how the border around my label is the same color as the green of the grass. How it softens the look of the dark head of hair of the hedgehog icon. The quality of the print is stunning. The colors just pops out. I’m pretty sure any clothes will look gorgeous on this! Here’s Madame C trying it out.


For your paper, stationery or writing needs, check out Invitation House. They have friendly staff at ATC. Weng and Jess who worked with my graphics were prompt and professional. And I like that we all handled the transaction via emails alone. Here’s a shot of their contacts. The envelope behind is their packaging whener you buy from their store. Simply stunning!



Madame C went shopping

Madame C loves to shop! Whether browsing inside a beautifully set store, clicking that WATCH or BUY IT NOW button at online stores, or rummaging through garage sales with dusty items, Madame C is ready to shop. Looking at objet d’art is just joy to her senses. Typical everyday objects but artistically made that you can sense the care and passion that went into the creation of such item tickles her fancy. And she also gets her inspiration from these shopping strolls.

Today, she passed by her favorite realtor and closed the deal on a beautiful simple two-storey building. She plans to convert this into a shoe store to better display her sandals and footwear collection. The ground floor area will serve as the boutique with fabulous displays of sandals. On the second floor will be the work station for her beloved seamstresses and stocks of materials and ready to ship items. The roofdeck will be a cozy place to have tea and cookies with her clients and friends.



Just a block from her new building, she passed by a garage sale with various must-have items. She saw a birdhouse that will go well with her garden, a schooldesk for her boys, a grandfather clock for the new store, and yarns in a basket for knitting.






What excited her most is a small vintage sewing machine that will be used as a display at her new shop. This will definitly be a nice conversation piece.



Another day, another nickel!

A busy day is always a welcome day for Madame C. Every morning starts with a hearty breakfast with Monsieur E while kids are still snoozing.

Mme. E having their morning coffee

Krring! kring! Kring! kring! “I’m awake now Mama! I’ll get the phone!” said Zee.

Zee answering the phone

“Hello! Oh hi Mr. Rocky Babblebrook. Good morning to you! You need to speak with my mama? Okay, one moment please!”

“Mama! Phone for you! It’s Mr. Rocky” called out Zee.

“Thank you dear!” replied Madame C. “Hello Rocky. Yes, you may come over now to our shop. The sandals for shipping are all packed and ready for you to pick up! Yes, we have some shipment for Cebu and several for Davao. And the usual customers here in the Metro. Thank you too!”

Rocky the courier of MC Express arrived while Madame C is checking her inventory and saw that they only have 3 pairs of Blueflame style sandals left.

“Ms. Sybil, please start making a batch of our Blueflame style. We have to be ready for this coming weekend rush,” said Mme. C to Sybil Clearwater.

Ding dong! The front doorbell rang and in came Mrs. Prunella Beagle with her husband Gordon Doughty. She thought of going to Little Creations shop early to avoid a crowd of shoppers but to her surprise, four customers had the same idea.

“Hello there Prunella! I reserved the Blueflame sandals for you to fit. Oh and Gordon is with you. How’s your Hamburger Wagon business doing, Gordon?” asked Madame C.

“It’s doing great! Thank you for asking! Prunella’s tacos are a hit since we included it in the menu,” exclaimed Gordon. “Oh Gordon, you’re making me blush!” uttered Prunella.

“Well, I should come over to your Wagon soon and taste your creations. The kids will love the trip,” answered Madame C.

Returning to her other customers, Madame C was greeted by the girlfriends of Asparagus Macavity. Asparagus was wearing her Cherry Cheesecake sandals from the previous collection. It goes well with her stunning red dress. With Asparagus is Nicole Maces wearing denim skirt and bright yellow blouse. Nicole chose the Blueflame style which is a current hit with the girls. Verity Polar Bear is checking out the Ballerina pair which she said is just the perfect shade of pink she adores.

Kate Periwinkle is torn between the Berry Nice sandals on her feet and the Ballerina strappies. Decisions, decisions!

Just another typical day at the Little Creations shop.

Another day, another nickel!

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you! 

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