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Beaded Sandals brochure

Every Sylvanian gal knows that the right footwear can complete or destroy an outfit. Sylvanian families can readily buy their furniture and other necessities at the store but clothes and shoes are a rare commodity.

So to satisfy the clamor for fashionable footwear with surprising comfort, LITTLE CREATIONS proudly presents hand-made beaded sandal made for adult size Sylvanian feet. This can also fit sister-size but a little loose


Spanish center beads complement the matador red of the footbed with black sole to evoke the spirit and drama similar to its namesake dance.

TANGO style sandal

TANGO Sandals modeled by Crystal Grey Babblebrook


As the sun goes down to mark the end of the day, it spews a red orange hue to our skies with tinges of yellows against creamy clouds. The black sole reminds us of the night to come.

SUNSET style sandals

SUNSET sandals on the feet of Madame C herself


Just like the Spanish senorita, it carries mystique and drama as reflected by the black footbed with high shine graphite beads and contrasting matador red accent.

SENORITA style sandals

Madame C's choice!


Hotter than the red sparks of a fire, this blueflame style carries your outfit up a notch. Psssss! The heat is on.

BLUEFLAME style sandals

Nicole Maces gamely posed wearing her new pair, the BLUEFLAME sandal


The beauty of this precious gem is a true jewel in whatever form it takes. As a bling on your feet, well that’s a show stopper!

EMERALD style sandals

Gee tries on the EMERALD sandals


Looking at this reminds you of the pink frou-frou tutus worn by ballerinas as they twirl and dance to the beat of their hearts.

BALLERINA style sandals

BALLERINA sandals on the footsie of Verity Polar Bear


A happy mix of blueberries and strawberry cream atop a cheesecake base. This sandal is beautiful and yummy to look at.

BERRY NICE style sandals

BERRY NICE sandals on one of our very nice customer, Crystal Babblebrook

AQUA STYLE sandals

Clean and crisp just like a refreshing drink of aqua.

AQUA style sandals

These AQUA sandals makes me feel young and fresh!

All these gorgeous and yummy sandals for only Php 85.00 per pair, including the original Little Creations box (until supplies last!) to safely protect your beloved strappies.

For orders, please click on our HOW TO ORDER page. Keep our phones ringing!


Yo may request sister-size sandals. Just let us know!

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you! 


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