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Thank you for dropping by but we regret to inform you that Madame C is not accepting any orders for the moment. Please feel free to browse our Sylvanian photos for your enjoyment.

Php 85.00. 1 pair Adult and Sister/Brother beaded sandals any style
Php 45.00 1 pair Baby beaded sandals any style
For clothes, please email us for price


We require payment before we send item for shipping.
We accept bank deposit through Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) or Banco de Oro (BDO) only, and Globe GCash.

We ship via MC Express within Metro Manila and they use LBC for provincial locations with shipping costs listed below (in Philippine pesos). We combine shipping for several items.

60.00 Metro Manila
80.00 Luzon
90.00 Visayas
100.00 Mindanao

MEET-UPS MAY BE ARRANGED FOR COMBINED ITEMS Php 2,000.00 or more ONLY at Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall Alabang, and SM City Bicutan. Sorry, we cannot accommodate other venues.
Check our page if you need security with your purchases.


We require payment before we send item for shipping.
We accept payment via Paypal.
We will use Philippine Post office registered airmail unless you request for other services like Fedex, DHL or UPS.

Philippine Post Office Rates:


Zone 1 – Asian Countries
Zone 2 – Pacific Countries, Middle East
Zone 3 – European Countries, North America and U.S. Possessions
Zone 4 – Africa, Central South America, Carribean


Please contact me for availability of item as we also sell at other venues.
We will send your tracking number and photo of your parcel and other postal documents before we send it for shipping.

For your peace of mind that you will positively receive your purchases, you may order via our online selling option at and be protected with your purchase. ID is: whenthebugbites

or you may search by typing Sandals for Sylvanian Family characters

Thank you for shopping at Little Creations!

by Madame C
Little Creations
0917-8216609, 02-3463811

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. ☎Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you!

Little Creations is already at Facebook! To visit us there, just click here
Little Creations at Facebook

See you there! And don’t forget to click LIKE if you love what you see.


Another day, another nickel!

A busy day is always a welcome day for Madame C. Every morning starts with a hearty breakfast with Monsieur E while kids are still snoozing.

Mme. E having their morning coffee

Krring! kring! Kring! kring! “I’m awake now Mama! I’ll get the phone!” said Zee.

Zee answering the phone

“Hello! Oh hi Mr. Rocky Babblebrook. Good morning to you! You need to speak with my mama? Okay, one moment please!”

“Mama! Phone for you! It’s Mr. Rocky” called out Zee.

“Thank you dear!” replied Madame C. “Hello Rocky. Yes, you may come over now to our shop. The sandals for shipping are all packed and ready for you to pick up! Yes, we have some shipment for Cebu and several for Davao. And the usual customers here in the Metro. Thank you too!”

Rocky the courier of MC Express arrived while Madame C is checking her inventory and saw that they only have 3 pairs of Blueflame style sandals left.

“Ms. Sybil, please start making a batch of our Blueflame style. We have to be ready for this coming weekend rush,” said Mme. C to Sybil Clearwater.

Ding dong! The front doorbell rang and in came Mrs. Prunella Beagle with her husband Gordon Doughty. She thought of going to Little Creations shop early to avoid a crowd of shoppers but to her surprise, four customers had the same idea.

“Hello there Prunella! I reserved the Blueflame sandals for you to fit. Oh and Gordon is with you. How’s your Hamburger Wagon business doing, Gordon?” asked Madame C.

“It’s doing great! Thank you for asking! Prunella’s tacos are a hit since we included it in the menu,” exclaimed Gordon. “Oh Gordon, you’re making me blush!” uttered Prunella.

“Well, I should come over to your Wagon soon and taste your creations. The kids will love the trip,” answered Madame C.

Returning to her other customers, Madame C was greeted by the girlfriends of Asparagus Macavity. Asparagus was wearing her Cherry Cheesecake sandals from the previous collection. It goes well with her stunning red dress. With Asparagus is Nicole Maces wearing denim skirt and bright yellow blouse. Nicole chose the Blueflame style which is a current hit with the girls. Verity Polar Bear is checking out the Ballerina pair which she said is just the perfect shade of pink she adores.

Kate Periwinkle is torn between the Berry Nice sandals on her feet and the Ballerina strappies. Decisions, decisions!

Just another typical day at the Little Creations shop.

Another day, another nickel!

*All clothes and beaded sandals on this post may be ordered and specially sewn for you. Please contact us if you like what you see and if you have any special requests for a specific style or color. Ring us! We’ll be glad to hear from you! 

A new club is born! We have our very own SF club here in the Philippines! Check us at facebook and join us!


PH♥Sylvanian Families is a community of Filipino owners and collectors of Sylvanian Families. We envision this page to be a venue of interaction, fun, entertainment, and shared appreciation.

Who is Madame C?

Madame C is a talented hedgehog who loves to design and sew clothes.

Madame C at work

Her husband Monsieur E is a well-loved tailor in Sylvanville.

Monsieur E, the best tailor in Sylvanville

They have two boisterous kids, Zee and Gee.

Zee, the playful brother hedgehog with his sister Gee

Madame C specializes on gowns because she loves frilly and beaded dresses. They live in a lovely rented chateau from Mademoiselle Kit where they run a modest dress shop named:

“fashion for Sylvanians”

Wedding gowns designed by Madame C

Mademoiselle Kit's family photos on the wall of house rented by Mme. C

Madame C just recently started designing and making sandals for the fashionable women of Sylvanville and it was an instant success!

Madame C and Gee at work on their new footwear business

Her new client, Mama Crystal Babblebrook exclaimed, “What gorgeous sandals!  I just want to buy all the colors!”  While Camryn Caramel another customer who loves to dress up her school outfits with matching sandals said, “These lovely sandals just bring that oomph to my fave dresses and my girlfriends are all excited to get their own pair!  Weeeee!”

stocks of footwear ready for shipping out to customers of Sylvanville

With this new business venture, Madame C has saved enough to buy their own home where the kids will have a yard to play and a bigger boutique space for Madame C to display her sought-after sandals as well as her glamorous gowns.  Here comes the movers to help the family comfortably move to their new home…the Oakwood Manor.

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