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My NEW Keychain Baby

Toy Kingdom in select areas have this ongoing promo that you get a stamp for every Php1,000.00 worth of Sylvanian Families you buy. For every line you complete you get a corresponding gift. The grand prize is an Oakwood Manor aka DX House. It’s the biggest house for Sylvanians as noted on their flyers and I agree as it has 9 rooms total. Honestly, I’m not too excited to own it as I am already a proud owner of one. But I do suggest that other collectors should aim to own it because it’s really spacious.

The most exciting gift for me is the first one which is the Walnut Squirrel Baby keychain. And after saving up for those stamps, I eventually brought this baby home.


This is fresh out of its plastic and cardboard packaging. There is only a single type of baby for the keychain and no other choice. The Squirrel baby is a gorgeous standing only baby with movable head but feet and arms are steady. I want to assume that she is a baby girl Squirrel since she’s wearing a sleeveless yellow printed shift dress with matching baseball-like hat and a light green print scarf to keep her warm. The dress and scarf can be taken off, however the hat is glued on with keychain going right through the hat. This is the ugly part as I would like to have the choice of changing her wardrobe but since the hat is stuck on with hotglue-like material, this might leave a scar when removed.


For me, what’s missing is a pair of sandals on her bare feet, so I made her a pair of electric yellow green sandal. This is the first time I’m showing my Baby beaded sandals. And I also made her a brown tone pair. Girls can’t have enough shoes, right?



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