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Sylvanian Dress Maker Shop

Owing to my dressmaking hobby for purely Sylvanian Families characters, I cannot resist but give in to SF items when it’s related to dressmaking or clothes or footwear. So, I eventually bought this pre-owned dressmaker set I found at our local Ebay. It’s a bit expensive for a pre-loved item with several missing parts but hey it’s a dressmaker set and it’s very me!


The fascade is quaint simple with large open windows that I love. The Dressmaker sign is still in good condition but the front door is missing its handle. I’m not a fan of the pink signage, doors and window.


I adore the section of the seamstress with everything a dressmaker needs and more. There’s the vintage sewing machine, a cloth rack, table for pattern drawing, and metal iron with ironing board.


The bouffant wedding dress is lovely. The dressing cubicle is well-made with a full length mirror inside however I find it too big and occupies much space inside the shop. The rack is high to accommodate blouses or children’s clothes on the upper level and adult clothes below.


A bird’s eye view


My most favorite piece is this vintage sewing machine. It represents my new hobby which I am very excited about. This reminds me of the 1930’s vintage table top, hand-cranked Singer sewing machine from my father-in-law. He inherited it from his mother who also loves to sew and despite having two daughters of a brood of four, he decided to hand it down to my family. We also have an antique metal iron from the same circa where you use live coals to do the pressing. (I will post pictures soon, please come back for updates).



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